Driver Opportunity

With Dawson Sutton and Gavan Boschele making the move to predominantly Super Late Models in the next step of their driving careers, Rackley W.A.R. Racing Development is proud to announce a driver opportunity in Pro Late Models for the balance of 2024!

Races in the CARS Tour and venues like Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway, 5 Flags Speedway, Montgomery Motor Speedway and more, are available!

To qualify for the Racing Development program, a driver must be self-funded, have relative racing experience and have had a superior level of success in a previous division or series.

The program ensures our drivers are equipped for success. We offer comprehensive driver training with our professional coaches.

Our program includes personalized coaching sessions, advanced driving techniques and strategic race planning. Additionally, we utilize cutting-edge telemetry technology to analyze performance that provides our drivers with actionable insights to improve their skills and competitive edge.

If you feel you meet the criteria of the program and are committed to success, contact Jeffrey Rausch at:

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